A normal season in 2021-2022?

That’s what we wholeheartedly wish for! To have you with for our four fine and varied concerts!

Two of these concerts will be more substantial: magnificent, sensual, and expressive opera arias by the young Mozart, with Marie-Eve Munger and the Boréades orchestra; and Bach’s four Missæ Breve, for soloists, orchestra, and choir (in this case, the Saint Lawrence Choir). The excellent Philippe Bourque, musical director of the latter choir, and with whom we are always delighted to collaborate, will direct both these concerts.

As well as evenings of music by these two giants, we offer two more intimate but nonetheless fascinating concerts. In one, full of life and delicacy, the flute, violin, and indispensable basso continuo will present an overview of French chamber music from the beginning of the 18th century. The second intimate concert will feature a sparkling traverso duo; I will have the pleasure of playing with my guest and colleague, Alexa Raine-Wright.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Artistic director

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Founded by Francis Colpron in 1991, Les Boréades de Montréal focuses on early music. The ensemble has chosen an interpretative approach in keeping with the spirit of the Baroque era, by adhering to the rules of performance practice of the past and playing on period instruments. Critics and audiences alike in Canada and abroad have been unanimous in hailing the group’s energy and spontaneity as well as its theatrical, expressive and elegant playing, indicative of a unique flair for Baroque aesthetics.

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