Jouvence pour un Roi fatigué

French chamber music from the early 18th century

Works by Couperin, Marais, Hotteterre, Jacquet de La Guerre, and Boismortier

As well as being obsessed with his own glory, Louis XIV had three other passions: women, buildings, and music. During his seemingly interminable reign — it lasted almost 65 years — the first two passions faded; the first because of the spirit of devotion imposed on the court by Mme de Maintenon, his morganatic wife, the second because of the economic troubles afflicting the kingdom. Music, however, which he had studied in his youth, remained a consolation until his death. He liked his musicians, conversed freely with them, and chose them with care. Couperin wrote his Concerts royaux for Louis; Marais was his favorite gambist; and Élisabeth Jacquet enjoyed his continuing support ever since, as a child prodigy, she wrote her first compositions…

Concert program

Sunday April 10 2022, 3 p.m






30 years and younger


On sale at the Conservatoire box office
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Salle de concert du Conservatoire
4750 Avenue Henri-Julien
Montréal, QC
H2T 2C8

Les Boréades de Montréal


Founded by Francis Colpron in 1991, Les Boréades focuses on early music. The ensemble has chosen an interpretative approach in keeping with the spirit of the Baroque era, by adhering to the rules of performance practice of the past and playing on period instruments. Critics and audiences alike in Canada and abroad have been unanimous in hailing the group’s energy and spontaneity as well as its theatrical, expressive and elegant playing, indicative of a unique flair for Baroque aesthetics.

Francis Colpron,traverso
Olivier Brault, violin
Mélisande Corriveau, gamba
Jean-Willy Kunz, harpsichord

2020-2021 Season