2021 Fundraiser

Private revenue in donations or sponsorships are essential to the longevity of our organization.

Let’s keep going on even further together!

The fundraiser is done as part of:

Francis Colpron
Artistic director

Artistic director’s note

Are you still there? Do you remember the trip to a world of stars and music we promised in autumn 2020? Well, we’re still in heaven! Our season has just ended, despite the pandemic, and we haven’t come down to earth just yet…

Even though everything did not go exactly according to plan, the main purpose was still achieved, which was to explore and reveal more of the beauties lying in the world of sounds around us. We performed three concerts: Emanuel’s Quartets on November 19, Lachrimae on February 21, and Of Tact and Elegance on April 24. That one brought as many of you online as would have been possible in the Conservatoire’s concert hall. After a year of performing without public, it quite literally brought us over the moon! We even made some online content: Marin Marais’ Chaconne revisited, as well the Tryptique 19, which was done in collaboration with the Jardins choréographiques.

With summer at our door, we are actively preparing our 2021-2022 season. We hope it may never bring us back to earth: more than anything, it is going to make us touch the sky!

In order for our musical activities to match our ambition, we ask for your support. Private revenue in donations and sponsorships represent 10% of our annual budget, and are essential to the longevity of our organization.

We hereby invite you to donate via the Canadahelps form. The suggested amount for our fundraiser is 50$. Any donation of 500$ or more will earn a ticket to the musical director’s dinner in September, at the residence of the president of the board of directors, M. Sylvain Leith.


Let’s keep going on even further together.

On behalf of the board of directors and the Boréades team, we thank you!

Les Boréades de Montréal

Les Boréades de Montreal are an early music ensemble specialized in baroque. They highlight the traditional way of playing through the use of period instruments and by centering it in today’s creative context. The ensemble offers concerts, tours, recordings, mediation and teaching activities, and an academy, as well as several multidisciplinary productions for all.

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How is our budget divided?

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A little extra?

As part of the Great Canadian Giving challenge, every dollar given to the Boréades via the CanadaHelps.org form increases our chances of winning 20 000$. It may not change the world, but…


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