Another magnificent season is here

Another magnificent season is here… As always, Les Boréades selected four very different concerts out of the vast and rich universe of baroque and classical music. To further enhance the diversity of our selection, we are introducing a new identification system for our concerts. Inspired by our well-known love of fine dining, we will now have a series of culinary names to identify different types of performances. The Ratatouille and Minestrone categories will reference the French and Italian repertoire respectively, while Strudel and Banquet will designate the classical repertoire for the first, and large scale projects for the second. The Mignardises series will be exclusive to promoting the virtuoso capacities of the members of the ensemble, no matter the repertoire. Each one of them can thus propose recitals and share newly discovered favourites, accompanied by some of their colleagues.

For the Banquet category, we showcase a chamber opera by Paolo Lorenzani, a court musician in service to Queen Marie-Thérèse. It was performed for the court in 1681, in Fontainebleau, and tells of the follies of two old men, disturbed passions and chassés-croisés, all in a world of unfailing inspiration. Italian Mignardises are next, performed by yours truly, followed by a Strudel dedicated to the extraordinary Friedrich Hartmann Graf’s chamber music and a Ratatouille of some of the Danican-Philidor family’s compositions.

We hope to see you amongst us!

Francis Colpron

Francis Colpron
Directeur artistique


Samuel Les Boréades de Montréal

Ensemble de musique ancienne sur instruments d'époque.

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